I’m really tired of all the negativity in this house. Dad’s incessant contradictions of whatever I may say. His underestimating me thoroughly. Even in comparison to my simple cousin whom I trained. I’m tired of the clutter in this house. I’m tired of all the negativity and having to live in it. (The kid is tired too and getting badly affected.) Every discussion changes to shouting matches. He simply can not listen to me or respect that I may have gained some experience in my four decades. I feel like a teenager. Dad was not around when I was an actual teen, he seems to be making up for it.

The Man in the Mirror

I finally shaved off the lockdown beard and the man in the mirror is, oh my God, someone in the 50s.

Ha ha ha. I know it’s because of all the lockdown weight but you know how people from 30-50 look the same age and 50-65. I’m firmly in the latter bracket.

This means I would really not like to meet a person who looks like that and is whiny. He is supposed to be the man with all the answers. Also a man who looks like that should be the father of a kid in his 20s not someone with a 3 year old. Ha ha ha ! I have to stop hanging out with people in their 20s. I would’ve been embarrassed to call such an old man my “friend”. And no it’s not like I’m depressed and so speaking so, I really should not.

I also should stop being grumpy because I look like a middle aged man who is always in a bad mood.

I think this is why people sport those beards. Gives them some personality other than of a grumpy middle aged man.