The problem with social media is keeping up with the image u make. Then u become trapped to maintain it. Then something that started as a diary stops being honest. 

That is why this account will remain anonymous. Cause it’s a private diary. And I intend to continue venting.

In other news I got a composter. It’s a DIY kinda thing made out of old paint pails, but why should one take pains when it’s available on Amazon. 😏 

So let’s start composting! 

(PS:The first instalment of kitchen waste is already in 😎)

Reading “Eagles of Rome” by Enrico Marini! Wow! Such an amazing talent! I’m definitely going to copy his artwork to learn. It looks like he makes the drawings by hand. And that is something to inspire to. I tried digital yesterday. It’s damn difficult 😬

The problem with this comic is that I’m getting involved in the story too much 😝

Really frustrated with the paraplegic friend. I have pushed him ahead every time in life.  He has mostly gone ahead fearlessly. But finally fear and insecurity has caught up with him. He’s happy with the rut he’s in.