The number of automated wishes I’m getting from banks and insurance agencies etc…signs of days to come?


Worked on the Lady with the White Flower after a long long time. Little progress but I’m happy. I need to finish it within this month if she is to participate in the exhibition the Prime Minister is supposed to inaugurate.

I get serious


I get more serious than it’s good for me. Serious as in grave and serious as in a relationship. He mentioned marriage again and I’ve had it. What am I wasting my time for then?


(Have been binging on The Good Wife for past few days. So a picture of a young Josh Charles is appropriate.)

Just Leave Me Alone

Have snubbed with Dad and Mechatron within half an hour. Basically it was me being rude. There’s no excuse for bad behaviour. Buy me being lonely is adding to it. In addition to mom’s predicted penury, I’m foreseeing dementia, crankiness and everyone hating me when I get old.

This  relationship is bound to doom. It’s just gonna give me heartbrea n pain. We had that he’s gonna marry eventually conversation again this morning. He called me up just before turning in after ‘face check’ by immigrations at HFA, I was waking up. I guess I should break up with him when he returns.

So while I’m a bookcase Virgo, he’s a bookcase Capricornian. Here I was worrying about what him not calling me could mean. And there he was taking a stress free ‘me’ time.  Anyways gave him a list of rules.