An old lady asking me at a wedding when I’ll get married….I look at two hot twinks and think when one of these guys say yes 😂


Ok after Tadashi from Big Hero 5 I’m in love with Sven from Frozen.


I’m hopeless.


Just got a call from Shore Office, ” Captain don’t take tomorrow’s flight, the crew change is cancelled. The ship is getting handed over to a new management in China”

Ha ha ha ha ha !

Messaged mom downstairs (I know they won’t be able to sleep cause I’m going 😏), she sent me a message with a smiley-“ok good 😊” -this is huge hA hA hA hA hA !

All said and done I can say that I have never done things by half measure. I did not only symbolically say that I’ll be there for them, I had actually quit my job and come back. But if they didn’t meet me even less than halfway it’s not my fault….wonder if they will realise? A man can do only so much.

But why do I still want them to be happy with me? Is it because I have no one else?