This is the scene where there should be tears but there’s only this emptiness instead…

Wish God had made me a bit different…

(It’s weird how I use ‘God’ when I don’t actually believe in God.)



So I had asked Dad to arrange for a meeting with Mom so that we might come to some agreements…she says she has nothing to do with it -she never had a problem with me. Since the first step to solve a problem is accepting that there is a problem, and I don’t see her doing that I told dad that I won’t go home either.

So, I wonder, what am I even doing here? I think I should go back to sail. I’ll sell the school. No more studies for me either. It will be sailing and painting and travel for me till I can’t sail anymore or can’t travel anymore. That’s it…

I brought two kittens.

Now I’m regretting-if they fall sick and I’m worried and all alone – what have I got myself into!

(And they just won’t quite down n sleep – have put em in the bathroom and they’re meowing continuously.)