I’m abandoning this comics project. The guy does not respond for up to 3 or 4 days. It breaks my continuity.

Also it is too much of an effort for results which are not guaranteed.

I should focus on passive income sources.

“El futuro es abono“

(Or “What I won’t write to mother”)

[I wish I had not chosen science in school. I am not trained to be a philosopher. I feel handicapped. ]

The only thing we can be sure of is that one day we will turn into compost. What implications does that have on how we live our lives? Do we live on fearing a future that could be the work of an ancestor with a very active imagination? What exactly is sin?

When did you last have sex? 10 years? 15? No, I don’t need to know. But it’s not about sex in the end, is it?

But then sex is where it all begins. The complete trust. The letting go-of yourself, of the layers (of clothes and personalities) behind which you hide. Complete surrender to pleasure. Liberation. The hormones come to play. The glow. Feeling of lightness. Complete and utter happiness. Bliss. That memory is what cements that particular kind of relationship. You feel connected. And if the feeling overflows to other aspects of the relationship, you feel completed. “Finding the other half” like the Greek guy said.

Does it matter in the end what is the sex of that person if he or she completes you?

One has no more “choice” in who they love, than what colour of the eyes we are born with or the length of our nose or the colour of our skins.

As you grow older, and become more fussy, you also become less hung up about what you want for your children. It condenses to their happiness.

Unfortunately it’s too late.

I don’t even want the things I wanted 2 years ago…

A man after all is just a prelude to compost.

“Ekam Sat Vipraha Bahuda Vadanti”

“There is One Truth and the Wise Men call it by different names”

I think there is only one reality. The other will be self delusion. But we have immense power and potential in how we choose to deal with it.

I go for extreme choices that is why I feel trapped. I know I can find the balance but haven’t yet ( for lack of trying?)

But I do know I get overwhelmed when there are two many balls in the air.

Also, yes, “married people live healthier and longer”. I can see that totally. Having someone to share with without judgement and also the love (hormones?) goes a long way towards mental sanity.

I ABHOR people coming late to dinners and brunches of parties. On top of that not telling that you’re gonna be let. When I have my own house I’ll turn such people back.

“Am I That Asshole”?