I need to start making at least some money through art. From July perhaps? After the MA exams?


I had logged on to my art account here cause I wanted to post more on it l but then I switched back to this one because it’s crazy not being able to vent as soon as I feel.

In other news I haven’t written to them yet. Their deadline is 1st February. I think I’ll write after that only. Because I thought about it and I won’t be working that hard for it till after my MA exams are over. So no point worrying. Another thing that I had decided was that I won’t be applying to Angel Academy of Art till I’m rejected by Florence Academy twice. That is because I really don’t want to go to them. Why? Because there website is so rude. They are like we don’t care what happens to you when you come to this country, pay your fees in time and be regular for classes. Florence Academy on the other hand has a proper guidance thing about getting accommodations and they say they will help out once you are selected. Look at the social media too. AA has only Cesar Santos doing all the publicity. FAoA has 10 times the social media following because they care about those things.

I really need to concentrate on my MA, my education exams and the stuff at school.

Next post will be about the comic. I couldn’t post the plot because I was not logged in to WP from this phone. 😬 (I really can’t think till I start typing. And the plot is getting slightly complicated).

I was about to write a totally different post a few minutes back but I had promised VD I’ll give him a low down on why I think GTee is my ideal sexual match and while telling him I talked myself into meeting him on Sunday after all.

I think I lie when I tell myself I’m not looking for a relationship because they’re too complicated. What I’m looking for is a fuck buddy who’s more than just a buddy. But if I remove all expectations then GTee is the right chap to test my plumbing with. I did tell him that the D won’t work sometimes when there’s no connection. So it won’t be my fault, will it? 😏

There’s no communication with GT other than a formal how you doing and I’m fine. What I told him was actually the truth. I can’t have sex without a connection. So I guess I’ll tell him the same coming Sunday.

Living Vicariously

I always wanted to make a movie called The Years of Living Vicariously. It would be some psyched up shit like Fight Club. Since I don’t see myself turning a director anytime soon, the next best thing is to write a comic. So what I have come up with so far is as follows. I will keep updating the story and changing the characters. I think the first instalment will come maybe late(r) this year but I do want to have like 20×4 panels’ story chalked down before I even start drawing it. At the moment I have about two panels story down. For the sake of obscurity I plan to give the characters German names. Ha ha ha. Also I think/hope this post will get buried deep by the time the comic sees the light of the day because I don’t want anyone living to ever trace me back to this blog till I’m dead. You can look up the comic with “hashtag title of this post” when I finally publish it (I’m open to suggestions for more creative names but since I don’t have any at the moment this will do).

What I read about writing plots till now is that there should be a trouble and then we move towards resolving it. I really don’t have any aim for the comic in mind. I liked the idea of writing/commenting about gay life in general (gives me an opportunity to draw sexy naked men 😋) but we could expand it to include straight stories as subplots. Something like Eastsiders meets Easy meets whatever else? I’m writing the names of these series because they seem to have no aim other than commenting on the times and people same as me. I also like the fact that they seem to be generally happy and episodic.

I’m yet to come up with the drawing style I want to use. I could use chibi but the expressions can only be cute or funny. I might use it sometimes Manga like. I rechecked and Mentaiko and Travis Charest are still my favourite comic artists. I think it is mostly their eye for details which makes them my favourite.

(Rest of the post from gym)

Okay the house I have in mind is something like Marlinspike of Tintin but who has such huge houses today? So how large would a fairly successful comic/artist’s house be?


So here’s the thing- im really easy to please. Smallest of things are enough to make me happy. So I intend to enjoy this imagination of a fling with GT while I can because things usually turn to shit sooner than later. So brace yourself to endless analysis of everything he said. Cause as per YouTube I’m a pure Beta Male and that’s what Beta Males do.