The upside of the Annus Lockdownus was that I could spend the whole year wearing the same clothes day in and day out. As a result I have at least two T-Shirts and one sweatshirt whose collars are literally worn out- I mean like they are missing cloth at places.

Also, I managed the whole winter without wearing sweaters. Yeah I know it doesn’t get that cold here but I managed the winters with t-shirt > thermal vest>sweatshirt >sports jacket.

I’m gonna purchase some clothes tomorrow. Since I’m being thrifty I hope there’s some end of season sales on so that I can buy stuff for the next winter.

Also, I’m buying “minimalist” clothes so similar coloured t-shirts etc.

I’m off processed food now (except last two days). Keeping at 10k steps most of the days-so hopefully I’ll see the lockdown waist reduce in size in a couple of months so that I can buy jeans.

<Fingers Crossed>

I have given myself one year to make a living as an artist…. (it doesn’t mean that I will give up after an year, I will continue it for 3 or 4 years more, at least). But self doubt….


Mom sent this image to a whatsapp group where me, Dad and her are the members.

Dad’s reply : “So true”

My blood group is B-ve.

The *#%$€£ doesn’t realise his is the same.

(Through a clerical error, when he joined the army they declared his blood group as O+ve. He served for over 30 years assuming the same. When he fractured his ankle after retirement, the civilian doctors ordered blood tests for a surgery-which was never done- and that’s when it was found that he is B-ve).

This is the kind of toxicity I deal with.

I exited the group without saying anything.

The only problem is that I allow such things to affect me. But one does not expect this from your own parents.