What’s in a name

Isn’t everything? One of the minor pleasures of modern life is finding that a username or a blog address is available for use. A popular Sanskrit saying goes ‘यथा नाम तथा गुणा’ (‘the character (of a person) takes after the name’). So Why Prufrock? I’m not a great fan of T. S. Eliot, in fact, I find him tiresome. However, I could relate to his poem, ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’. Right from the epigraph thru the state of Prufrock’s mind. That the modern urban life is absurd is a view I have come to subscribe to. Being in the closet doubles up the falseness twice over. ‘God is dead’ said Nietzche. We happen to be living because we happened to be born. How will this story that we are still living end? We do not have any control over it. I’m no philosopher and I have no answers. I do have questions. So I will tell my story. I will try my best to be honest. I hope to make friends, guides and mentors on this journey. So here’s to a fruitful adventure: nec spe, nec metu.
I am sure I will update this page as my story proceeds but it will remain in its original form as the very first post of this blog.

PS: The theme has been totally totally totally pinched from this blog. Many thanks to him. 🙂


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