I wake up at the usual time and speak all the mantras I know. I pray for everything to be all right. I close my eyes again and put all my energy into the words I am speaking to make them come true. I don’t address to any particular God. Perhaps I’m praying to the future. Or maybe I’m praying to Hope. For I know that the future maybe set in stone already and it wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out exactly opposite to what I pray for. I don’t pray for what I want because I know whoever has planned all this knows his job. I pray for everything to be alright. I pray my favourite prayer for all (everywhere on this earth) being happy, healthy, have goodness in their lives and never have any misery in their life. I know I’m included in ‘everyone everywhere.  I pray to the most charismatic God Vishnu just because I happen to know that prayer. And I pray the most respected prayer in Hinduism for God to kindle in us the light of Wisdom (so that we may take the right decisions, have discriminatory intelligence to differentiate between right and wrong etc)


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