Traveling Light

I can’t pack light ever. I paid excess baggage fees for 4kgs this time for a 2 weeks trip. I now realise I could have easily cut down the number of items I carried.
I’m carrying 4 pairs of shoes. Yes that’s right. I could have easily carried only 1 pair of black formal shoes and one sport shoes for my running. Instead of the additional brown shoes I should’ve brought the new Nikes which could double up for my ‘date’ shoes. In any case, in future if I’m coming only for office training I’m not getting the formal shoes.
About the shirts now. I have brought about 9 pairs and 3 polo t-shirts and 4 for running. The last don’t take up so much space. How about if I had got only 3 running shirts (sometimes things don’t dry up in Bombay) and 3 shirts which could’ve doubled up as date shirts if required and 4 polo tees.
I got a pair of jeans,  at least that I got right.
But I also have 2 formal trousers and 3 chinos. How about I could’ve got only chinos which doubled up as formal trousers. The office is not going to remember that I wore unrolled informal check shirts with tie. This is the only time they are gonna see me for a week if I decide to stay.
The underwear: I have 5 vests and at least 8 briefs. By washing the stuff daily and keeping 2 extra I could’ve easily done with 3 pairs. Ditto socks, I have some 11 pairs I think. I could’ve done with 3 running and 3 different coloured for formal wear. Even if I wore all sports socks I don’t think anyone would mind or even I would mind cause I’m not here to impress anyone. As I said before in here only for this one off trip.
Let me not discuss the cosmetics at all.


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