Shirts for travel

The one thing I learnt today is never unpack into strange almirahs. Some suspicious looking pink liquid (I think it’s cheap wood polish wrongly applied) had spoilt two shirts and my toothbrush. I only hope it washes off.
The second thing I learnt is always bring a spare set of clothes. Luckily I had washed my travel shirt immediately on arrival so I could wear something today. But I don’t have any fresh shirt for the flight tonight. Therfore, the third point.
Always carry a Polo T-Shirt. I had to go out yesterday and the day before that and didn’t have anything informal to wear other than a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. I could’ve worn a similar thing in the flight today but unfortunately I am not carrying one.

Other than these points I’m quiet happy about my packing this time. I just managed the weight limit for the check in baggage. I was 14.8 when the max weight was 15. The only item I think I carried extra was the dental floss which I didn’t use.


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