So many things happened to me on this trip and I did not share them with him. I don’t know why. I didn’t feel like it that’s all.
I dropped my credit card on the road while paying the autowalla on the very first day. I didn’t know I had till I received a call. The guy who had picked it up looked me up on LinkedIn and found the company I worked with. Fortunately I had written my name and company on the site. I hate LinkedIn for having shared my personal details with other sites in the past. The lure of a job offered to me in Australia had made me start making up this profile. The good samaritan works for Tata Chemicals. I thanked him profusely and came away. That’s all. I remembered the boy who had once returned my wallet before and thanked him again too. He’s on my Facebook. While writing this I am reminded that, that boy had looked me up in the Facebook. So social media ain’t that bad after all.

I repeated dates with the two guys I had met the last time. One was a temple trip,  the other was a simple dinner. There was no sex involved but I call it cheating because of the emotional fidelity part.
The temple guy could be a good friend and nothing more unless he loses some 30 kilos and has plastic surgery for the huge craters on his face. Call me shallow but yeah the pecker cares for looks. He’s a stylist specialising in bridal trousseau. He talks a lot and his tastes match mine. He’s cultured likes art, classical music, theatre and mythology. He claims he cooks delicious which is a plus. I chat a lot with him. But that’s all. There’s no chemistry. Maybe I subconsciously think that I could do better. Maybe also because there’s the other guy.
This guy, who calls himself Peter is exactly my type. He’s not tall like the temple guy. Is fit, which of course is a huge plus. He’s 2 years older than me but looks much younger than me because he’s in superb shape, has a head full of hair and the hair on his face is still not full like a grown man which makes him look boyish. He flirted very professionally with me after the dinner at the very run of the mill ‘Balaji’ restaurant. He claimed he would fall in love with me if he meets me again 3 or 4 times. When I cheekily offered to cancel my flight (I was actually serious), he said Lol and then to go back to Delhi like a good boy. The next day nothing. No messages. He likes white foreigners he says. He obviously met me out of politeness. But then why waste time with me at all? I think I’m going to ask him.


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