He was crossing a road.
Girl crossing
His robotic girl also crossing.
He has control in hands. Obviously he’s the one controlling.
Girl starts running. He is turning the controlin hishand very fast. The robotics girl also starts running. He also starts running.
Girl gets irritated.
Finally the girl enters a station at Civil lines.
The boy and his girl also enter.
Turns out the girl is a ticket collector.
The boy says one full ticket for his girl and then another for himself. He then pays electronically by pressing his forefinger on the small finger scanner on the wooden base of the ticket window and scans his eye for payment. The tickets pop out of the slot one full and one handicapped. The girl looks at the boy’s girl with sympathy. The girl shakes her head and looks at the boy that is when she sees that the boy is a peripelagic with blade feet and his whole body moves only electronically by mechanical machinery which was making the noise.


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