If not now, when?

I see young authors, about my age turning out almost brilliant work. One or two are even younger to me.
I seem to think one day,  when I’m ready,  I’ll just pick up a pen and write a masterpiece to much international acclaim. I have a similar attitude towards art. I think I can make awesome art instead of actually producing any.
What I tend to overlook is the amount of hard work, the gallons of night oil burnt before any of these writers or artists produced their brilliant works.
Natural talent should not be a hindrance to working hard. Authors and artists as a rule have been at pains to improve themselves when they were young. Dürer must have produced an awful lot of sketches before he became that perfect draftsman. We do know Van Gogh toiled tirelessly before he finally found his own style. What about writers? Haven’t all of them contributed to small time journals, faced numerous rejections before finally the stars aligned and their work was ‘discovered’? Can we really forget those years of anonymity they lived in before fame found them?
I think of having an amazing place where I’ll switch on the yellow lamps as I enter the room, put on some classical music and then sit down to write those pearls of wisdom. Since yesterday I have been thinking if I really plan to do that then why wait for a special day. Start making that amazing environment, that room right now. But there’s no excuse for not making art.

So stop dithering. Write daily and sketch everyday.


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