Off to Indonesia

Finally amongst the worst port experiences is over. It was made bad mostly due to the young captain’s inexperience. At first, when the ship wouldn’t come alongside because of the cargo pile in front of the jetty, he declared that the ship had touched bottom. This resulted in me opening 6 sets of tanks and then inspecting 5. An exhausting experience. And finally the last night was an ego sparring contest between the captain and the charterer’s agent. The matter of 7 hours of delay could’ve been settled by a few cartons of cigarettes right in the beginning.
I learnt quite a few things here:
1. A captain has to be most patient. Hurried decisions have consequences.
2. Always Pause, Reflect, Discuss (with the Mates) and then Act.
3. Master has to always be polite and respectful. Be it the Pilot or the Agent. Issues which could be settled for a smile won’t unravel then.
iv) Cranes should be got ready before hand.

The next employment looks like Indonesia to Thailand. I’m happy doing these coal runs, especially Indonesia, even though my insides are all coal,  because there’s no PSC and no visitors in Indonesia.
I’m hoping we don’t use our cranes in Thailand. Will I get some action there I wonder.


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