The Trip: Planning

When I started planning the tax saving trip I had the right reasons in my mind: new countries, historical attractions, museums, people, photography. The obvious choices, Greece, Turkey and Italy, had to be ruled out because these countries take forever for a visa. With the time budget I had (okay I accept I didn’t know how to budget this trip b it being our first vacation overseas) I was left with Thailand,  Cambodia and Sri Lanka. After much headache inducing research including stages where I planned to abandon moving altogether but to stay put only in Colombo, I finally ruled out Sri Lanka, as 3 countries in a fortnight was gonna be a rush rush affair. I had always wanted to see Angkor Wat and would’ve definitely visited some day in the future so I thought let’s do it now and get done with it. Including Thailand was making sense as the stay was very cheap. Moreover, my connecting flight for the ship was to be got from there itself. The real reason was that he had recently returned from Bangkok and I was jealous imagining what must have transpired when he stayed at the famous Babylon. I wanted to get a piece of that action myself.

When I had made peace with the fact that this was going to be essentially a sex vacation I said what the heck and booked ourselves in Gay or Gay friendly resorts. I tweeted that I want to let my hair down. I resolved to at least try.

First stop Phnom Penh.


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