We reach Mauritius tomorrow  morning. We’re getting done real good speed now, about 9.5 kts. At this rate we’ll reach about 2 or 3 in the  morning. It will be my first time anchoring. I’m quite nervous about it. The thing is that we have to anchor about 1 mile from the shore and we’ll be without engines. In case we start dragging anchors we had it. I only hope that the currents are not that strong there. But the dragging scare comes after, even before that anchoring so very close to land, i how there are no currents or wind, have to be extremely slow in speed.

I have written so many times about the bath tub. The thing is that back homeland we don’t use it so it’s kinda new thing. Yeah have used in hotels and all but then it’s always in  a hurry, you’re always on the way to somewhere, you don’t lounge in it cause you’re not gonna be the boss of it for the next few months. Which reminds me i still have about 2 months to go here. I so  want out. I want to go back and stay back. I’ve had enough of staying away. But the thing is i always imagine really unrealistic way out- making a living being an artist or an illustrator when i don’t actually work towards it. I think i know what I’m gonna add to my daily schedule.


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