He’s leaving for Bangkok tonight. The long distance relationship is going to become even meagre due to lack of time. I can’t be expected to stay abroad for 15 days a year now, can i? I  mean there’s the school and all. And even if i did is 2 weeks enough? I do not mean that he should not have decided to move. With us hardly ever staying together through the year this was the correct thing to do. He had once rejected a similar offer many years ago, then it was Singapore. I had then told him that he should always choose his career over the relationship because we are secure in our love. But are we now? Are we even aware of where we stand in relation to each other? Since there are so many questions in our relationship i think it’s logical to choose the good in what we are clear about. So i asked him to take up this opportunity without any hesitation. What I’m really worried about is the dog and him not able to make ends meet. The poor chappy is back in the dog hostel. I’m sure this separation must give him major anxiety. I wish i could go home and take him along. Of course the parents won’t be happy because it’s His dog but then the pup is so impressive and lovable one can’t help but love him.
The flats or  houses he’s looking at in Bangkok are damn expensive. (Just remembered, i should’ve asked him to open a non-resident bank account).


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