Unfortunately what i had intended to be the  platform for my creative writing has turned into a cribbing area. But anyways here goes. So the  Super can’t appreciate anyone. Because we have done so much weekly work this week, he sends a message saying you have not done it properly  (you’ve painted the bush of cleats when in fact we have not) and  the Chief Officer and  Bosun not providing adequate supervision. That is how he works. Try to find faults and keep the pressure when in fact appreciation goes a longer way in encouraging workers.
So i was talking to the  Chief Mate about this when the  cadet started speaking in between. He was pushing his point argument style when all three of us were on the same style. I got damn irritated when i already was because of the super. So i snapped at him but he wouldn’t understand. The thing is that he is mature and intelligent and the report which was being discussed had been made by him only. He was my cadet when i was the Chief so the equation has always been friendly. On top of that i speak with everyone on an equal term. But sometimes the other has to understand that the top two people of the ship are talking so he should not speak unless spoken to. I guess I’ll have to create that power gap. At least with cadets.


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