I  don’t have any watch per se and am free to sleep or wake up whenever i like.  I usually start my day at 5.30. Try to get to the gym for strength training by 6. After freshening up and breakfast I’m finally on the bridge to ‘open my office’ by 8. By the time I finish answering the  Super’s messages and all I’m totally exhausted. That’s around 3 pm. Fortunately we’re on  European time behind Hong Kong and by the evening Super has normally long slept. Not always though. The trouble about the job is that i need to coordinate lot of information from different people. Especially troublesome out of these is the  Chief Engineer. He’s like brought back from the grave. He had gone on retirement but they were not finding anyone to relieve the last Chief. So this guy was called back. He has a history of altercation with the  Super. The latter doesn’t like to talk to him. Partly because of accent problem and mostly because the old man doesn’t listen to anyone. I have to deal with his crankiness daily. In the evening he’s always looking at his watch and soon as it’s 5 he says “we’ll do it tomorrow for any job”. The next morning he’ll day that we’re busy with lot of work in the engine room, when the fact is that only 2nd Engineer is the guy who’s working. The other engineers are useless too. So dealing with the Chief is like handling a 6 year old who’s smart enough to understand  but  not listen to you but it’s irresponsible as a child. Sometimes i even have to make replies to messages of engine room which i don’t have the faintest inkling about.


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