Dear R

I finished reading the novella and miss it already. I have written before that this acting straight for so many months in a year takes its toll. These gay themed movies and books are all that i have to stay connected. Does this mean that I’d turn straight without contact with my gay side ? I don’t know about that. But yes it does make me asexual. I have had the experience of not being able to even kiss him for some time after i returned from the ship. I wish i was out and about and carefree. I wish i could make my own world as per my choice. But real life is different. You can’t just dump your parents and move out like they do in these movies and then everyone comes back together for a grand happy ending. When you have parents with steel like will power then you don’t stand the clash of wills very long without being bruised.

Hope it all turns well in the end for me too.


Ps: the  novella is called  By Chance by  Cat Grant


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