Dear Reader,

There was an equator crossing ceremony of the two cadets here. It’s a rite of passage kinda thing. Whenever a new sailor crosses the equator for the first time he’s brought to the presence of  Neptune and then read out the crimes for having crossed without his permission. Crew members play all these parts including of a pretty mermaid and a marshall. The  ‘slaves’ are stripped (now  a days  only to the undies) and then smeared with paint grease and made to drink some heady unpalatable concoction containing amongst other things tabasco, neat alcohol sol ne vinegar- the idea is they shouldn’t be able to drink more than a sip.
The weird thing is that i couldn’t help but keep looking at the younger of the two. He looked amazing in his near nakedness. I hope no one caught me lechering.
I had a splitting headache so had to miss the after party.



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