Dear  R,

I have to write about this movie. I’m watching so many movies now a days that i can’t even start keeping up with them. But sometimes there are a few  movies that leave an impression on  you. Dare is a story of 3 high school friends- Ben, Johnny and Alexa. Johnny the school heart throb is the object of the other two’s lust. Ben and  Alexa are childhood buddies. Ben is in the closet. Alexa is an aspiring actress who’s leading in a school play with Johnny. Ben is the ‘light boy’ secretly in love with   Johnny. Alexa and  Johnny hate each  other but then somehow sleep together and now are inseparable. Ben grows jealous and as soon as opportunity presents itself when they are hanging out alone one  night in Johnny’s pool, kisses him and then gives him a blowjob. Right after he comes out to Alexa and tells her what happened. It’s the turn of Alexa now to become jealous. Johnny has his own issues. He lives with his father and stepmom. He’s popular but very lonely. He kisses Ben out of pity when he confesses that he’s never been kissed. He is very lonely and is undergoing therapy. He confuses  sexual advances of Ben and  Alexa as signs of intimacy and close friendship.
(Spoiler Alert. You can stop reading now).
Ben’s simple family, his  mother are amongst the  attractions of  Ben. He wants all three to live together and work out an arrangement. When Alexa makes all three see sense – to Ben that Johnny is not gay and to Johnny that such a three person relationship will not work Johnny has a nervous breakdown. Apparently he is hospitalised. I couldn’t get the end though. Can you help me out there?
I really love such movies where physical intimacy is not compartmentalised into gay, straight or bisexual. What is more important is honest  emotions. Boundaries of sexuality are either blurred or absent.  Sex of Angels and  Were the  World Mine are in similar category as per me.
Any other suggestions?



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