The Line of Beauty

This novel is not all gay romance that I was talking about. It’s all about AIDS. Nick is really a loner inside. His relationships are mostly driven by lust or a wish to be accepted with the elite ruling class of Britain. The sad part is that while he feels disconnected with his real family and he will never really be accepted by his adopted family.
I could really not understand why the author chose the political background or then why he chose AIDS. From the looks of it, that should have been an either/ or kind of decision. Maybe it all comes together in the third part of the book. The book at best seems to be a comedy of manners only that it is a tragedy. Although i was super absorbed in it while i was reading it but the fact that i could just stop reading abruptly says something. Have I become so used to psychological analysis of  characters by the writers that can’t relate to this, for a want of better word, superficial characterisation. The characterising at best are reactive in their actions. Why does Nick love Toby or Wani? Lust. Why is he with the Feddens? Toby initially and then he’s used to living luxuriously after the Oxford experience.

Feb 27, 2015, 06:38 am
I have nothing exactly interesting to read but i have no desire to read about people dying lonely deaths.


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