How to write a Book (Review)?

04 Apr 15

I might have written about one book review in whole of my school life. I guess that reflects more on the education system than me – I read more than your average Joe. I like to read book reviews too – I glean some of my ammunition from them which i later use to pass off as a savant. But I can not turn out a decent book review. I have a degree in literature through correspondence. Although I acquiring it was mostly to prove a point (I was 33 when I finally graduated), I hoped I had learnt something in this endeavour. But here I am flummoxed at first self assigned task of writing a readable book review. Why this task? Because ultimately I would like to write a book.
Why does everyone want to be a writer? Even those of us who don’t have a story inside them. Like me for example. I do not know anything other than myself. So would writing about myself be a good start? I’m quite familiar with this topic. But then I’m Mr-Whine-a-Lot. Moreover who would like to read a tome filled with only me? I’m not a people’s person. I hardly know anyone other than me. Meeting people seems to me to be such a waste of time. I’d rather waste my time searching porn on the net. I think getting out more, listening to people and their stories would be a good start.
In the mean time I’m going to right familiar stories, even childhood tales, to practise story telling.
But how do they come up those gems of wisdom which distinguishes a novel? I guess they just note it down as and when it occurs to them and then polish it and use it later. That makes sense. When I think of a time which was  exactly suited for thinking and writing it was at top of that hill in Dalhousie whee the clouds were swimming below us. We had walked 5 km to reach here and there was no one for miles. There was. Silence. Serenity. Beauty. Clouds. Us.

08 Apr 15, 5:45 pm
People write about what they know. Mukherjee about Cancer, Martel about Pi, Austen about Manners, Wisemen the Scriptures, Grisham about Law, Hawkins about Time. Why do I want to write about relationship and love? I don’t love many and don’t relate to people easily. But is this all that I know about? I mostly know me and that is why that is what I feel pulled to write about. I could write an adventure based on ships but that would be a graphic novel. More of Tintin. But I’m not good with imagination. I’m too serious and dim. I can think only what I know. So what do I know? I think I should interview the parents’ generation.

09 Apr 15, 1730

I think finally practice makes it all okay. I have been writing daily (the blog of course) and finally I did write something which I’m mildly satisfied about.


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