Will Grayson, Will Grayson: What happened here?

>spoilers ahead<

I have given the book 5 stars because it  was a pleasure to read, but i really don’t understand what happened in the end. Was there some message that i missed? What was the point in having two Will Graysons? One gay and  one straight? And why didn’t the gay WG finally say he loved Tiny? I understand  strangers saying I love you Tiny would  sound  strange, but is this really a normal novel? After all the build up the climax was a whimper. With all the WGs assembled in the end what were they trying to achieve? That we are all the same? That falling(in love) is all that matters? So Tiny hasn’t even found the true love? He’s on the chase as before? If Tiny is actually what the story is about why the name WG, WG? Taking the Gay God wg’s number just shows that Tiny is actually shallow. I don’t even like the loud character that he is.
It’s one thing to write a novel, written so lucidly that it’s easy to turn in to a movie but it’s another thing trying to hard. The book has a musical and all at the end, it could work in a teenage movie but not here. 
It was a great idea having two writers who write almost exactly the same way. David Levithan shines even brighter than Boy Meets Boy if it’s possible. John Green is cool too. I especially like the way they write in the present tense. And one does feel it’s a teenager writing. But  I do hope they don’t influence other writers of Young Adult Fiction too much (they have influenced me already though, not that I’m writing a YA novel or am even a writer ) because the style of writing is a bit too repetitive. These guys were made to be writers. The brilliant little observations that they make during the course of the story are simply astounding. They are intelligent and astute. The book is anything but boring. I think you should go for it. (I think I’ll reduce the rating to 4 stars).


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