Oh My God!

08 March 15

I can’t believe in God anymore. It has something to do with my being gay. I am not a victim of religious chauvinism.
It was more a question of timing or rather age. It’s just that when he and I came close, He and I became strangers. Mark that I say stranger, I have no  scores to settle with Him, it was as if I didn’t know Him anymore. He couldn’t help me anymore, He didn’t have any answers, he did.
I remember when I first

9 Apr 15
It’s odd how I pray to a God I don’t believe in whenever I’m stressed. And I pray with all the intensity and focus I can muster.
It’s suffocating to suddenly lose your belief system. The whole order collapses around you.
I don’t have the strength to be an atheist. I’ve always believed in one of those crap about higher power and such like. What’s left now? Nothing.

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