Can’t Sleep

Maybe it’s jet lag. Does 5 hours zone change cause jet lag? I’m uncomfortable being in this one room pad with a girl. Especially the part about having a single bathroom in the house. I can’t have people being aware about my bowel habits. It’s just too much information. I especially dislike having someone sleeping right outside the bathroom – I mean I dislike attached bathrooms.
I discovered bara and yaoi today. These Japanese artists have always been so talented. They have fascinated Westerners in every era with their work. I think bara and yaoi will be my choice of porn to carry in the future. Much easier than actual porn. Do manga porn artists get much respect? Is it like a thing? I would really like to do that. Some of the perspectives they have sketched are so movie like prefect that I can’t get enough of it.
It’s already 04:30. I think I should make some tea. But I so wanna pee and I’ll disturb her I think …


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