The make out date

*This post talks explicitly about gay sex.*

I sent Mom and Dad (with members of the extended family) out for a movie. The house was free to myself. After dropping them at the theatre I picked the boy from the lane outside his home. I was nervous. This was the first time I was bringing anyone home. After about 20 minutes of awkwardness, I dimmed the lights. He made the first move. We kissed and then the things went from 0 to 20…for some time.  He wanted rough, I like it soft. I had to tell him to be gentle  quite a few times. I didn’t bite him hard enough. I tried to make it pleasurable  for him but I think I was too vanilla for his taste. We knew that there won’t be any fucking as we’re both tops. So we ended up cuddling. Neither of us came.

I dropped him home on my way to pick up the family from the theatre. He messaged that he enjoyed it (was he being polite? ).  We chatted a bit later in the night- emoji kisses and all.

Will I ever have chemistry with anyone? Is coming mandatory? I seem unable to.  I had stopped coming even with Him. Although all we do is mutual masturbation. I think I should stop watching porn. I need lessons from someone more experienced.

The Kid

This is a small city. At any given time only 25 townspeople are live on Grindr. That’s the upper limit. We met there 2 years ago. He lived 498 mtrs away.

We chatted. Traded numbers. Moved the conversion to whatsapp.
We didn’t have much to talk about. There’s only so much in common between a guy in mid 30s and a kid of 19. We tried to meet at the corner grocery store. He didn’t make it. He suggested the tea garden temple. I didn’t make it. He got pissed. I got pissed. We blocked each other. That was 8 months back.