It’s eight in the evening.
Mom is laying the table. I say I lost track of time packing (for the trip tomorrow). “I’ll go for a quick  run. Be back in half an hour”
He’s waiting at the end of the lane near the tea garden temple. We start to walk.
“Where do you see yourself, say 15 years from now?” I ask.
“Running my boutique” I trace a flicker of doubt in his voice.
“And how do you plan to achieve that?”
“I start a stenographer course from tomorrow,” he declares, I can almost see him beam in the dark, “that’s why I have been living it up past month. Now I’ll need to work hard.”
“How is a steno course going to help? And who the hell hires stenographers in this day and age anyways ?” I ask completely astounded.
“One gets employed in the government services” he replies pleased with himself to be able to answer this  question.
“I doubt that they hire stenographers even in government offices now a days” I try to be gentle breaking this news.

“Oh yes, they do. Both my sisters hav got a job there and another cousin. And also an uncle”
“Ok, ok so you come from a family of stenographers in government services, but how much is it going to pay?” I ask irritated at being stumped.
“They easily earn around 35 thou” he tells  me  helpfully.
“Ok, ok,” I say completely doubting this piece of information “so tell me one thing, at first you want to be an engineer, you aim so high, and suddenly you want to be a stenographer, taking dictations? ”  (Becoming a clerk, secretary, office boy I’m thinking.)
“This is my back up plan” he tells me.
“So what is the main plan?” I ask.
“I might prepare for MBA exams.”
“You’re studying commerce now, right ? Why don’t you prepare to become a CA?”
“It’s very tough to pass those exams.”
Totally dumbfounded I ask, “You’re telling me you can’t clear accountants exams but you think you have a shot at clearing national MBA exams. I hope you know it’s easier to get in to Harvard than any of these institutes?”
“I’ll start preparing for that the last six months of the final year of college.”
“So you will waste most of your Univ time training to become a stenographer and prepare for the actual tough MBA exams only a part of the last year. And neither of the two have anything to do with fashion designing. You do know that you are in for a lecture from me?”

He lowers his head and speaks almost inaudibly, “I think I am the most clueless and confused person in the world.”
I want to kiss him right then.
The lecture can wait.


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