Gluteus Maximus

>Warning: Rated-R for Nudity and Language <


He’s lying on his side. Head propped on his left hand, the right one playing with my nipples, right leg entwined in mine.

“Roll over” he says.

I comply.
As I turn around in his arms, he caresses my back, his hand slowly moving south. It finally reaches its destination. He chuckles.

He sits up to free his left hand which now joins the other one in playing with my ass.

“Ha ha ha,” he’s almost laughing gleefully.

“What?” I ask, lifting my head, concerned if it is about the stretch marks I’m so ashamed of. He straddles my thighs to get a better grip at the task at hand- grabbing, kneading, thumbing.

“You didn’t let me see this the last time. Your ass is looooovely”

“Ha ha ha,” I laugh, pleased “you never asked.”

“I tried to, but instead you evaded and sat up on this” he says jiggling my ass trying to see how long it will vibrate if he gives it a good shake, “oh, this is so beautiful!”

He slides down and takes a bite. And then some more. He starts licking and then moves up my back continuing. He stops near my ear. He’s now lying on my back -limb on limb, chest on back – his cock trying to hide in the nook of my crack.

He whispers in my ear, “I really like you now.”

1. He later denied he said I like you and gave some flimsy alternative. Ha ha ha.
2. I might try bottoming for once. He’s really non-threatening size. I adore that size.


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