Mom will be operated upon now. I’m starting to freak out a bit now.


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  1. Gotta Stay Frosty…..definition= stay calm, cool collected, with all your senses working at theri peek and when the real thing comes you put all your training to accomplish that objective.
    This is a military term, that when I was in the Legion(Spanish) I got from a U.S Marine seargent, and those words stuck with me.
    He would turn to his Marines before a firefight( and us like idiots where with them, for a little while though) and say ” Stay Frosty gents”. And I have no clue but I’m terrible at day to day chores, bores me and gets me angry, but when the shit hits the fan, I go into what I have called my “robotic mode” I know I have to do A B and C to make things a bit better, no crying, no “O my God” or that type of thing, I sort of detach from emotions in that time(later will come) and do and act calm, cool, and collected. Is best for the other people in dire thircumstances. Just saying from my perspective and how I am, but everybody is different. You might be freeked out, I understand that I loose quite a few of my familly members, but for me the worst thing is to show it at that moment.
    Hell, and this was a long comment……do I get some reward from this rambling? Humour, dark homour, for certain people works.
    And She’ll be o.k, trust me

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