Jurassic World

The guy wasn’t my type at all. I can’t help it. One look at his bent wrist and all systems down below shut down. One doesn’t control how the dick thinks.

I guess everyone has his own type. Bob likes me. I’m his type- round and handful. I like Chris Pratt. I liked him when he was chubby. I like him now when he’s buff. The scene on the meadow, with all those dead dinosaurs, Pratt consoling a dying one (don’t know the type, not interested in learning), the camera pans from behind him from his feet up his (still) chubby ass and then zooms out to a panaromic view- that single shot made the whole movie worth it.
Anyone who’s seen the first Jurassic Park movie will find this one a bore. This is not the 90s not even the 80s. Spielberg’s tricks are dated. Why did the director have all Spielberg’s trademark scenes incorporated? I’m sure Spielberg had a lot of ‘creative input’ in this movie. The egg hatching scene. The bird’s claw close up to make the audience think it’s a dinosaur -all Spielberg. I’m not gonna enumerate all of them. This is 2015. We want our movies running from the word go. We don’t want smart dialogues being spoken and then the speaker being eaten after a few scenes. And what’s with the kissing? So 80s. I am seeing kissing on screen in an action movie after ages. And that too this random? And the walking into the evening sunlight. Like really? !!!
And Jake Johnson! Are you really that desperate to take up such a lame role?
Irrfan Khan’s role was respectable for a change. But do Americans really get his accent? I don’t think even Indians do. Ha ha ha ha. Or do they insultingly use subtitles?

I dropped the guy at his place. He didn’t invite me in. I, as usual, didn’t make a move. A cursory handshake and i went on my way. We have exchanged a few courteous messages on WhatsApp about reaching safely etc afterwards. He’s messaged me the customary ‘you’re cute’-which I guess is a dismissal like ‘you’re so not hot’. No issues.
The happy thing is that I’m getting comfortable going on random blind dates.
The next thing to do is have a sex date. That will be real progress.


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