Wet Boy

Bob calls him my ‘dream guy’. I have been lusting at his Grindr profile pic for months. He used to be 78 km away when I would look at him from home. From this city it’s just 35 kms.

The pic has been taken in rain. He’s on all fours (it’s waist up), wearing a drenched white vest. He’s looking at the camera intensely as if challenging the cameraman to come take him. His face is all wet. Water is dripping from his unbelievably pink lips. His mouth is open which fills you with an overwhelming desire to fill it with your member. He’s definitely out of my league.

I send him a message. We chat. He wants me to come over and fuck him.
He has 3 conditions:
1. Sparkling white teeth (I’m scouring the yellow pages for dentists in this city right now)
2. He wants the other guy to be a sex machine, more horny than him. Says he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by the other guy’s low sex drive in bed (ok now I’m having performance anxiety and self doubt)
3. He wants me to come to his home. (35 kilometres. Am I really that horny?)

He’s grown a beard now which he says he won’t shave ever. I think that seals the deal. I’m not going. What a total turn off. (Is it?)

I tell him I might have the guest room to myself tomorrow.


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