I need advise

I just woke up. I am wondering if I should bring him back. He will feel he’s gone down in life. And if it takes time to find him a job then being unemployed will drive him crazy. I do want to consult a psychologist or someone elder.  Is it okay for him to continue to live in that foreign country alone without any support system. And even if i bring him back it’s not like i can live with him 24 x 7. He has to fend for his own after all. And the loneliness will drive him crazy.
I’m asking one of his work friends if he will get a job here if he comes back.
He hardly has any savings. I will pay the expenses for the time being but till when .
I mean it will affect his self confidence. And then again I’ll have to do everything on phone.
Living with such a secret alone is also too much na. I wish i knew a psychologist or psychiatrist i can contact on phone today . I’ll pay him/her once i come back.


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