We got the confirmatory test reports. As promised he did not open it in office. When he returned home he handed over the sealed envelope to me.
I tried to delay opening it as much as I could but once we were sitting on the couch with tea and snacks, it had to be done.

His CD4 is 27.02% (813 per mm). I don’t know properly what that means yet but it is bang in the middle of the range the doctor had told.
His virus load is 14,800. Dr Kirk messaged it is ‘waitable’. He’ll wait for the results of virus genotype, kidney function and liver function etc before starting him on any medicines. (The other stupid doctor had started him on Truvada and Strocin soon after the screen test results).

His last hope gone, he broke down uncontrollably.
I did good preparing him for the worst. He knew screen tests are 99% accurate.

We watched a funny movie. He laughed too.

I leave on Monday. I hope I’ve made him optimistic enough.


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