Going Away

Left home. Packed for six months (ship). Might (will) return in one. Or maybe in 3 days.

Dad came with teary eyes and choking throat in the afternoon. He wants to hand over the business to me within an hour of my completing the course.
I said I might want to live separately.
He said we can look at a house in our block.
I said I might want to live far from them.
He said ok.
And what about Him, I asked.
Forget him he said.
I didn’t vow to live alone, I said.
You have your friend (childhood buddy, married), he said.
I won’t be a third wheel in his marriage, I said, You understand nothing !
I lost my patience. Again.

Only lowly, gypsies( can’t think of an  abhorrent word in English) like such low grade authors, she said.
The guy had written a treatise on one of the scriptures infusing new ideas and questions and this new interpretations. Nothing radical though, I swear. I had purchased with the hope of turning her a fan, so that when I purchased the book that I really wanted her to read, where he quotes from scriptures explaining that homosexuality was really accepted in the past, she would readily accept. I don’t think I’ll purchase that one now.

PS: Dad agreed to read This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids: A Question & Answer Guide to Everyday Life
I downloaded it on his iPad Kindle App.


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