I need to go for pre-joining medicals today, so I decided to go for a screening test to confirm that I’m still negative. I don’t want any surprises in the company sponsored meds. I’m not exactly sure how sensitive the hospital I go to will be if I turn out positive. Will they inform the office first or me?

The moment you tell the receptionist at the path lab that you’re here for HIV Test is so telling. Her eyes enlarge in surprise and she scowls in mild disgust. She hands you over a pile of forms to sign, declarations that you have been imparted knowledge about HIV and AIDS. She doesn’t actually inform you anything. Who would talk to someone so utterly revolting. The lab tech also wears the gloves immediately. He keeps talks to a minimum as of it will reduce the risk of you contaminating him. All this when they don’t know if you do have it. Imagine how they will react if they know that you do.

PS: I tested negative.


3 thoughts on “Test

  1. That really is fucking rude. Especially people whose job is to oversee and care for the medical needs of the masses. They should be the most understanding, I would like to believe. I think most are, you just encountered some people who don’t seem like they are happy in what they do.

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