I wonder, when I turn 60, will I regret not having had enough sex in this life.


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  1. well how old are you now? you have lots of time but the question remains if you feel that way now using the word regret would suggest you feel like you are lacking a positive outlook on your sex life now?? when you take out the “when i turn 60” your answer is self evident. You will most likely feel that way when you are 60 if you are pondering it now… What does sex convey to you? What does sex mean to you as part of the whole human experience you are on?
    Is it important….I think I have been with at least 1000 men in my adult sex life, from 18 until now, nearly 40…..and by sex, i call anything sexual sex…so i jack off with a dude at a urinal…sex….so i let him give me a hand job…sex…etc….so very easy a 1000….maybe even more. I know I added it up a couple times in my life and well….it gets tiresome after hours of thinking….
    with that being said….I would question the word enough….What if you had 3 sexual partners in your whole life, each adding a layer to your experience and quality with the third being the best you have ever had…you do it once a week for 12mins-45mins but it is mind blowing…is that better than a new dude every few days that is senseless and unfulfilling ? I can go on forever but your words stuck out to me….I still feel like talking about it so I may write my blog about your phrase tomorrow with a cup of tea at starbucks 🙂 Hope all is well
    your Canadian Blogger…


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