You have it Easy

“You had it easy with me. I remember going to the library with you. You never needed to chase me around the library.”

“Yes you would look at the books quietly.”


“I had plans to continue living with you guys, the one who’s name shall not be taken living in his home -in this city only- eventually we would have adopted a child…that was my plan.”

“One makes friends when  one is a child. You have made a friend based on such a disgusting act. There was no  issue of background in you case. You could have married a girl and could’ve been talking nicely to her right now.”

“Why are you focused on the act.”

“Wow! When the whole issue is …”

“Look at how steady I am. How many years, same person. I’m not doing ‘acts’ all around”

Breathing heavily,”What was your level (indicating with her hand lifted high) and what is you level now(indicating with her hand lowered down). I don’t even want to talk about it.”


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