Near Miss

The fog yesterday was so thick! We had a near collision. One stupid Japanese guy coming from port had nearly crossed our bow and then called to say we pass starboard to starboard. Chief officer started altering hard to port but then that guy also started altering to starboard. I rushed and ordered hard to stbd. The radar images showed we would collide any moment. I was bracing myself for a bang and metal to metal scratching sound, but luckily nothing happened. We couldn’t see her in any case. There was another ship on the port quarter. 

In hindsight I guess we could have passed clear even with port alteration. But had we collided we would have got the blame too for not following the rules.  

During alteration chief officer had stopped the engine and was about to go astern but luckily I restarted it because the turn would’ve been damningly slow without the engines. 

In the end we thanked our good luck! 


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