I believe I am almost decided. 

  • Immigration at my age and stage of career does not appeal to me. I have a budding business and an independence looking at me in the face. I can’t start all over again. I’ll make my little cottage with a library with a fireplace. He’s always welcome to join me. I can’t keep consideration for others keep determining my fate. That’s exactly what I advised the third mate. Time to take my own advice. I need to tell Him. That’s only fair. Can’t keep Him hanging. If He wants to try and apply on His own He should not lose time. 
  • I will run the school. Holidays, except for the summer camp, will be his.
  •  I need to figure out how I will afford two foreign vacations in a year without my sea salary. I’ll need to take up additional odd jobs. The guest lecture job that the younger uncle was offering seems to be one such option. Then there are odd audits one can do for the company although they need two years in command. But there might be other freelance jobs too, right?
  • I am to start working with a non-profit which works for patients with HIV. If there’s none in my city I have to start one.
  • I might adopt a child. I know it’s one of my fantasies but I wish I could adopt a child who is poz. No better ambassador for awareness. But I don’t know how it works though. Is one supposed to tell others about the child’s status or is it to be kept hidden. It sounds bad like I’m using this child as a trophy. I know in the end it’s the child’s life. It’s not my secret to tell. But all I want to do is create a base for Him to come back to. 

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