Got a mail from him that “it was his worst flight ever. Lots of drama and it’s still happening.”

I’m worried. What could it be? Health? Terrorists? But then he would write the same thing even if he lost his baggage.
Postscript: As expected it turned out to be nothing. He was informed at noon that he was to fly to the country for a voice over recording. He rushed home, dropped the dog at boarding and made the flight in nick of time. His flight, he found, was full of a travel group from a western State. Apparently they had all sorts of snacks on them and they got the munchies on this late night flight much to his annoyance. Then the reception desk of the shady hotel his bitch of a boss had booked for him, informed that there was no booking in his name. All the hotels in the city were already booked for some conference. So he was left stranded at 3 am. Fortunately a friend took him in. When he returned to the hotel in the morning for a shower, he found that it was also inhabited by rats, large ones. He returned home by evening flight. So much for visiting his own country.


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