So many people write with their real name. I couldn’t do that ever. Yes there are things I say here which I wouldn’t in real life. To anyone.  Even with the blogs I sometimes make up an image of myself that I try to live up and then I become dishonest. At least that’s what He has to say. Or had to. Because I don’t share my blog with Him anymore. He said I was a bit too candid about Him while projecting myself as the wronged guy. So although I don’t tell Him I write anymore but I do try to be honest. 


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  1. I don’t share my blog with people I know. Only my truest and longest friend of 24years knows of this blog but then again, he knows my darkest secrets so…. My partner who is HIV does not read my blog posts. He respects my privacy as an outlet for this journey we are on. Partly due to shame and privacy I will never share this blog with friends or acquaintences…It is an outlet…


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