Call me by You Name

I may or may not have shared book review of the novel by André Aciman. I have sent it to be published on a gay blog I sometimes contribute to. If they reject it, be rest assured it’s coming here. Let it suffice to say that this book has singularly affected me like no other ever. I have lapped up each word and stored it deep within. I don’t feel like picking up any other book for fear that I might stop feeling how I am right now. You must read it. (But the maybe you shouldn’t, the last book I recommended on this blog zombiefied a reader with boredom). In any case I am enamoured. 

So what else is happening? We left Mauritania for Liverpool on the 2nd. Refuelled at Las Palmas (oh! What a place ! *swoons*) and had an engine break down. Now we are slithering  at about 4 knots and that too not in the direction of Liverpool. The weather is also pretty bad. We have become so used to reading 6, 7 or 8 metre waves on the weather reports that 5 mtr seems kids play. 

We need some spares but the Owners and the Technical managers are playing ping pong. 


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