(Are you mad that I think of only sex with you)

When you open your hotel door, I will not speak a single word but directly kiss you – long and deep.

Then with lips locked we move towards bed… I close the door with my leg…

Your feet touch the bed and you sit down…

I keep forcefully kissing you and push to lie on your back

 I climb on top of u

 I open the third and fourth button of your shirt and expose your right nipple which then I lick till its erect and sensitive

Your hands reach for my zip and take out my dick…

Our lips are locked al the time,..

 I move up and sit on your face n thrust my dick in ur mouth

 I cradle ur face while u suck me

 I lean down to kiss you once more

Then, I slide down you and sit on the floor on my knees

I unbuckle your jeans and pull down your zip

I turn you over so that you are lying on your stomach

I pull you down

Now you are leaning on the bed

I pull down your jeans along with the briefs in one go

 Your ass is now fully exposed

 I move your legs apart and spread your ass cheeks with both the hands to expose your butthole

I tickle it with my thumb

…and then thrust my face into it

 I lick it hungrily

You start moaning…

You hold the bed sheet In your fists

I fuck you with my tongue

I slide up your back and turn your face to the side to kiss you

My cock is throbbing against your back

I make enough space to allow you to climb the bed on all fours

I remove the rest of your trouser

You remove your shirt

You are fully naked on all fours your ass facing me

You are dripping pre cum

I touch a bead with my finger and pull the wet string without breaking

I lie below your hanging cock and take it into my mouth

 I fist my cock at the same time

 I lick your cock and your balls

 I remove my trousers

 I turn over to give your asshole one last lick

I then climb on top of the bed behind you

You are on all fours

I squat down and insert my dick in you…

 You make a slight sound as my my cockhead widens your hole

Once all in, you smile dreamily and nod your head. Only then I start moving …


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