Apologists of Islam and Islamophobia 

The problem with the politically correct do-gooders is that they are avoiding sizing up the problem in order to appear nice. After any terrorist attack, commentators scramble over each other fighting to be the first to justify that ‘terrorism has no religion’ and ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Why then did the Dhaka attackers ask their victims to recite verses from the Quran to determine if they should be killed or not? The first step towards solving any problem is to accept that there *is* a problem. If some apples are rotten it does not mean that they’re not apples anymore but oranges instead. Muslims, especially the so called ‘moderates’ need to take ownership of the problem of terrorism. Compared to the number of terrorists who are Muslims, the number of terrorists from other religions is minuscule. And at that they are usually a fringe group fighting for a regional cause, not explicitly for ‘religion’ like Islamic terrorism. This ostrich attitude will not help. 

Does it occur to the moderates to question why so many young educated Muslim youth are picking up weapons? Muslims need to stop blaming the West for the rot in their value system and start addressing their issues themselves. Also the Muslims need to stop taking things personally  all the time. Killing or criticising terrorists anywhere in the world  is not a personal attack on them or their freedom. They have to respect laws of whichever country they reside in because even their favourite Sharia compliant Saudi Arabia will not take them in as anything but a second grade citizen.

And the apologists need to take their heads out of their asses. ‘Condemning’ terrorist attacks will not stop them. Don’t cry then if someone like Trump is elected. 


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