Washed Out


It’s been raining the whole night. School was called off because of the overflowing canal next door. We went to see a guy Dad has lent some (okay quite a bit) money to. He’s undergoing chemo.

I tried to concentrate on what I was studying but could not. But I kept on trying to read. Hopefully tomorrow will be better – I forced myself to not move (much) from the table (#achievement 😛 ).  Exams in 2.7 weeks. I need to do better.

Earlier I had wasted the day in looking at his FB again and again-to get some hints about what he may have decided. I deactivated my account afterwards. (Will continue the stalking early mornings when I know he sleeps heh heh heh). Also deactivated my ‘blogger’ blog. And ‘last seen’ on Whatsapp.

“Everything okay?” he messaged ” why did you deactivated FB?”

“Just like that” I said ” No one messages. No point.”

“You do know that I’m always there to talk.” he said

How typically patronising, typical ex who has moved on and found someone. Ooh we are so sorry for you. Why don’t you find someone new for yourself. Me and xyz will fix you up with someone. subtext: You see? You and I are so much better for each other as friends.

“Ha Ha Ha” I replied

And after some time “Of course”


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