Does anyone else have days when you feel so irritated at just any sound? 

And mom n dad have the TV playing so loud. Sometimes it’s so frustrating living with old people set in their ways! 

He has told the girlfriends about our break up. Reason-it was mutual and we decided to move on with our lives. I texted one of them, I needed advice regarding my huge credit card bill. She gave short replies. I said I’d when she was free. Then I messaged ‘Hi’ in the evening and she never replied. Maybe I’m overthinking. Maybe she is busy. 

I have this huge credit card bill. I had arranged the tickets and hotel for a trip to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The trip never happened because of some ficking Visa issues. And the stupid airlines and hotels won’t cancel. I never realised how much I had spent when I was with him. Small expenses ended up in this huge bill. And now that I’m considering staying on at home and running the school, I don’t have the money to pay it back. I’m considering taking a personal loan to pay this off. The loan instalments I will be able to afford. 

Overall feeling depressed and don’t know whom to talk to. 

This break up was a good thing. Now I will have to push myself to enlarge my social circle.

Fuck I’m whining again. 


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