I screwed up the run today. It was supposed to be an hour long run but I got tired and hot by 25 mins. Mostly because I tried to do too many things – long run and then tried to increase my cadence at the same time. As a result although I was trying for a cadence of 175 I ended up with around 160- even lower than my normal. So I future I’ll be doing experiments with cadence on days of short runs or fartleks. Long runs I’ll do whatever is natural. Another thing was that I was working on the commissioned painting the whole dat. As a result I was already dehydrated cause that room gets hot. And cause I don’t use deo on Sundays ( let the underarms breathe free-I am weird) I was hating the way I was smelling when I was warming up. I had also eaten stupid stuff an hour before the run. And then I was feeling all dehydrated just before. All in all it was a disaster. 

I am planning to start running in the mornings. It will be tough cause we leave for school around 6.30 everyday. That means I need to be up latest by 4. And to do that I must sleep by 9-9:30.  Let’s see.

I also need to do something about the diet. This simply won’t do. Being vegetarian and lactose intolerant on top of that I need to plan better. 

In other news I worked on the commission the whole day. I measured everything and drew slowly like I normally do. But I think I fucked up the hatch covers a bit. Feeling a bit disappointed but since it is the first serious commission I won’t let disappointment come in way of the work. I’ll correct it. No colour till the drawing is perfect. 


Okay I think I have figured out this cadence stuff slightly. My cadence is 162. So to increase by about 5-10%, I set my target as 168. 

The problem with my Garmin watch metronome is that it has cadence in three digits only. That means I have to measure it at every footfall, each leg. So I downloaded the ‘Metronome’ app from the Apple Store. I think it’s basically for musicians. But anyways this simple app allows me to set the beat at any frequency I like. I set it at 84. Now it gives a beat in the background of my music. I matched my right foot to the beat and lo! My run cadence was 168-169 😎. I guess,though,  it does help to have the beep for both the legs because I because notice that to thump my feet with the beat I was actually stamping my right leg hard. Anyways, I guess it’s a small price to pay for changing the natural cadence of my running. 

Any corrections/comments?

Anatomy of a Break-Up

You know what the good thing is? My tired mind automatically thought that I should send him the “okay I’m sleeping now” message but then I realised that it feels so unnatural. He’s already like a stranger. I stopped stalking him (and his new boyfriend) on Facebook too ( I hope it’s not only for today). I want to move forward today. It’s stupid being obsessed. I also exited from the Whatsapp group I was with him and the girls (who were his friends actually). Yeah I am being childish but all of them have already moved on it seems- already saying “awwww….” to their Facebook display of affection. So yeah, friends do take sides in a divorce. Okay I need to stop this nonsense ranting. 


Lawyers have my sympathy 

My exams over now back to work at the school. Dad is fighting a consumer case with the State Electricity Department. They have presented some superfluous fines in the bill which Dad is refusing to pay. However….the letter he has written to them and the evidences he has presented are all in a chaos. Reading his letter it seems that the Electricity Department was right in charging these fines. The problem with the letter is how he has presented the case. He’s writing his side and the Electricity Department’s side at the same time. 🙄 

I can imagine what lawyers have to work with.

Counting Years since…

Every time I meet my brother in law, the picture of him crying inconsolably after my sister’s death keeps playing at the back of my mind.

It’s 15 years since that happened (the Jan after 9/11). He’s since remarried and has two kids. I’m sure he is very happy today, but I can’t get over that image. 


I did go for a run yesterday even though I was not feeling Tops. The shins were aching. Dunno why though. I’ve been increasing gradually only and the 5k is my normal distance albeit slower. 

In any case I tried to increase my run cadence with the watch metronome. I’ve still not figured it out. I had set it at 165 bpm ( want to increase cadence slowly) with vibration every other second. Then I matched my left foot fall with each pulse. After the run I found my cadence was 182. 😐

This doesn’t make any sense. 

Will download metronome app for iPhone now. Although I read it might be inaccurate. But I can’t have that vibration weirding out my hand all the time. (The watch beep I can’t hear with all that music 🙈).