Ran my first 5K today. Finished in 30 min 43 sec. There were about 100 participants. I came 10th. The fastest time was 21 mins and a few seconds. I guess I could have gained a few mins if I didn’t have this cough n outgoing cold. In any case I need to practice hill running. I was out of breath within the first km. I started at my normal green zone running pace around 7:30 min/km. I thought I must be the last of the whole pack ( dad said I was in the middle). Kept on increasing gradually. It was a nice feeling seeing those who had started with a bang stopping and starting to walk instead of running and overtaking people, especially teenage boys, half my age😎.  Covered the 3rd km at around 5 min/km and finished the last 300 mtrs hard at around 3 mins/ km. Have a new heart rate record of 191 bpm. Is it safe (I’m 36)? They gave a medal and participation certificate (to everyone? i think i saw about 15 more medals with him).
Overall a very good feeling. Satisfaction. Will now work on my cadence. Currently at around 162.

He messaged in the group that his dog is really sick. Some serious blood infection and failing kidneys. I’m thinking of quitting the group. I don’t need to hear such news.


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