She asked me how I was 

And I almost cried 


Date Night

The sex did not happen last Saturday. Partly cause I got annoyed with his promiscuity.

Met him during the week. Today was the third time. We finally kissed. I stopped the car near a bend in the woods. Moonlit night. Water flowing over the road (the road is on the path of a seasonal rain water run off stream). Woods. Alone. It’s weird kissing someone 4″ taller than you. He had to stoop to kiss me. Finally he pushed me back to the car and stopped down to kiss me, his groin grinding into mine. Of course we could feel each other’s hardness. Then we got on the backseat and fondled a bit more. He’s not very attractive but he knows the ways of the body. 

He told me that his HIV test came reactive (COMB AIDS) but Test I (S D Bioline) and Test II (Tridot) came Non-Reactive. Doctors have declared he dose not have the virus but has to go for blood test every 3rd week. 

Long run

I took it easy on the long run yesterday. I focussed on completing it. I am totally bought into the idea that you need to run easy 80% of the training. I concentrated on feeling the sole of my feet turn after the first contact and transferring the energy to lift off. I did not take my feet all the way up but prioritised feeling ‘natural’ with the pace n rhythm of it all. In the end I did reach the early 160s cadence. And I’m happy cause it means that in the yellow zone I will reach mid 160s easily. Overall the running was not strenuous and I’m ready to run again today. 🙂