Long Run lessons

It was a 1hr10 min run. I tried all those heel to ass, high knees, bring knee up with a pop etc to practice running. Ultimately? My Garmin said Performance: -1 That’s like quite a drop. I started with +4. And now this. Same errors I was going too fast. Cadence dropping (lower 150s). Out of breath. Around the 24th minute I only wanted to stop. Forget 21k I wouldn’t be able to complete even the 10k. Maybe I should take up cycling instead. But I persisted. Finally I got the rhythm a bit at the 45th minute when I was feeling damn tired. My body was damn tired. So it started running with minimum efforts. What I was doing all through the run was braking action. All the energy would come to a halt when my foot hit the ground. So now to avoid the pain I was automatically putting the foot down very gently and then letting it breeze past up. Yeah I was not raising my feet too high up but it did slightly feel cycle like motion. Cadence went up to 159. And I was still in control of my breath. I will apply the same thing today! Wish me luck 🙂 


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