Tomorrow will be 15 years since I lost my sister. I cried suddenly. I think it was the first time in 15 years for that reason…

Life seems so purposeless. I think the weather reminds of that day. Same gloomy cold January. Our lives were never the same again…There was so much left to say. So many things she would never know. I know she would have enjoyed Facebook immensely. And yes, blogging. Though she wouldn’t have shared it with me. She wrote poems. Some pretty heavy ones. I never understood a word. 

I always felt bad for Mom n Dad. Losing a child is horrible. Especially your older, favourite one. And the worst was for Dad. He was left alone with Mom n me and no one to defend him… 

I don’t believe in afterlife. I think we are born. And we die. 


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  1. Sorry to hear that today might have been difficult for you. Anniversaries and gloomy weather and memories can sometimes take us to a sad spot. I hope you are fine being present with your feelings and that you can tap into some good memories and not get stuck in the sadness. Easier said than done, I know but wanted to send you a hug, because a “Like” just didn’t seem to do you justice. xo Harlon

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