I guess you don’t get over it, you learn how to deal with it and hide it better. 



Did I mention, I applied for adoption last month and I’ve been approved and my rank in my state’s waiting list is 648.

Winter’s over and I’ve moved back to the school. The only problem living alone is that there’s no one to talk to. 
PS: The girlfriend shared his pics on FB and I was hyperventilating for a bit. Then I said screw it all and I was okay. 


It’s like catharsis. That moment when someone asks you how you are feeling. All the unconscious efforts you make to keep it together, to appear brave melting away. Suddenly you are naked. Vulnerable. A mirror shown to you. What you have been denying to yourself is suddenly stark. The floodgates open and you breakdown. 

That’s what’s happened.

I feel low.