Incestuous Longing 2-Flashback!

Oh fuck! It’s a fuckin helluva flashback. 

So we are driving downhill on the way back and at a particular bend dad says to me,”You remember when we all coming from your Uncle Binny’s marriage their car collided with another one right at this spot?” 

“Yeah I remember, I was in the car with the newlyweds (I was 12 I guess). It was raining. Everyone else was in the bus behind. I was shifted to the bus after that πŸ™„

“Do you remember Dad, we had gone to see the Labrador pups at the farmhouse? On the way to the wedding. They were on the roof?”

“Not exactly” he replied.

“Cousin S (sexy guy) had said we had met during cousin Binny’s marriage, but I don’t remember him at all. How old is he? He must be what, 2-3 years older than me or more? When was he born, ’72-73?”

“How can he be older than you?” Mom said,” his dad got married an year after me. His older brother was born when your sister was still in my arms, about 6 months old”

“Oh My God! I think I remember who he was! You know the day we left for N____ for the wedding, a boy and I were assigned to get some flowers for some cermeony. I think he was that boy!”

I remember us hunting the whole block for flowers. We could only get the small white ones typical of the Capital-I think the plant has some anti-pollution feature. We had connected so well! I liked him for he was quiet boy. We were the best friends for those 3 days. I never got a chance to  meet him again. That was 1995 I think. I wish I had known this 2 days back. I would have tried to reconnect. I was sort of dumbstruck around him. We hardly exchanged any words. I sat at a distance staring at him whenever we were around. 

Next time. Definitely.


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